My training consisted of a three year jewellery course at Epsom School of Art in the mid seventies, winning an award in the 1977 De Beers 'Diamonds Tomorrow' competition. I have been designing and creating jewellery, mainly in silver, ever since.
Colour is a strong element in my work. I tended to use blue with the use of turquoise and lapis lazuli, now other colours are getting a strong showing. Originally my work had repeated geometric shapes in my designs,which I enamelled.Then with the addition of Precious Metal Clay I found the designs tend to have a freer, more organic structure, which contrasts with the geometric shapes. I still used enamel to add colour to the silver, for example, creating stars, dots and zig-zags on my rings. My new addition to my jewellery is making my own glass beads giving me freedom to use colours and shapes I want,and producing a totally handmade piece of jewellery. I love trying out different materials,and seeing the colour and fun in them:felt ,fused glass,coloured wire and resin.The result is combining different media to create an complete piece of jewellery,which each media fits in and brings out the other,such as felt and glass,or a plain blue bead come to life with other colours such as lime green glass and silver.I am now experimenting with patination of bronze and copper beads made by me to get lovely blues and greens.
To add to all this I have been teaching my various skills at workshops which has been rewarding and enjoyable.

I now have expanded to having 2 studios:a jewellery and glassbead studio.

Limited edition Necklaces *Enamel Necklaces*Bead Necklace*Earrings*Rings* Bracelets homepage
Limited edition Necklaces *Enamel Necklaces*Bead Necklace*Earrings*Rings* Bracelets homepage
I have included here some representative examples of my work. If you are interested in buying any of these or want more detailed information, then please e-mail me at or telephone 01992 589218 Postage has not been included in prices.Ring size cards can be sent on request.Payment can be made through Paypal by me sending an invoice



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